ARCHITANZ(アーキタンツ) | 東京都・田町(三田)のバレエを中心としたスタジオ

Studio ARCHITANZ is open ballet class studio in Tokyo (Tamachi).
We are offering high quality classes and good facility for training with international well known dance teacher.
Mission of Architanz is contributing to lead Japanese dance scenes to be world leveled.
Also, Architanz is aiming to be a place to exchange of dance lovers and It is used as a place where many foreign artists gather.

Mar 2023


・Classes are open to everyone.

・No enrollment fee and annual membership fee is needed.

・You can sign up for each class 30 min. before the class starts.Students will not be admitted into class 5 minutes after the class start time.This is to ensure proper warm-up, reduce injuries and class etiquette. 

・Time table is subject to change - Classes may be cancelled without prior notice.

・If you’d like to join workshops, auditions or special events, please feel free to ask us!

Studio Architanz provides various classes such as Ballet, Contemporary dance, Pilates, Body Balance, Noh Theater.
We give precise details to the beginners, high quality level classes to the dancers whom aiming to be a professional dancer to go one more step ahead.



Classes for inexperienced ballet and beginners
Pre-beginner Ⅰ
For the people to start taking ballet classes.
Pre-beginner Ⅱ
Step up from Pre-Begginer to beginner level
Beginner Ⅰ
To earn the basic technique of ballet.  
Beginner Ⅱ
Step up from Begginer Ⅰ to Level free level
Level free
The varied class from the beginners to the professional dancers.
Class to develop your technique and expression, for the dancers who is aiming to be a professional dancer.
High level class for the professional dancers, teachers.
Intermediate class for the ages 10~18 years old.

・By taking classes that suits your level and carrier will be your benefit as a dancer.

・Please feel free to communicate with us for any concerns.



The classes to learn a traditional folk or national dance which is seen in classical ballet.
Pointe basic[*]
For the people who is trying to dance with point shoes for the first time.
Pointe beginner
For the people with experience with pointe shoes.
The class to lean and dance a solo through a month.

・Please take a class anterior to take classes that’s marked with *


express through your movement without captured static motion. You could earn varied ways of expressing yourself by taking classes with various teachers.
Let’s discover floor work and off balance work and such that doesn’t exist in ballet technique.
Other than the classes to learn the methods of certain dance, we hold special open class with the guest teachers. You can experience the style all around the world.

Contemporary danceJunior contemporary dance


The class to learn how to concentrate in your Joint, Skeletal and muscular structure to develop their potential.It also helps to change your posture correctly and get more fit arms, waist.

AnatomyFloor Barre&Stretch


You can experience the Japanese traditional Noh theater class at ARCHITANZ.
Architanz provides the extraordinary traditional performing art “Noh Theater” as an open class.
Experience Noh theater while your stay in japan!



These are the fees for single classes.
You can pay at the counter by cash when you arrive.
There are 3 different levels of fees depending on the specific class.
Please check the table below.


You can also purchase a pass which is valid for a set number of classes.
There are two kinds of passes, A-Passes which are for red and yellow classes, and B-Passes are just for yellow classes.
You can purchase a pass with either cash or credit card.
Please present your pass at the counter before entering the class.
We do not accept passes for the blue classes.

All the passes cannot refund any reasons.


Object | Open classes of all.
Type Price Expration date
5 tickets ¥14,000 one month
10 tickets ¥24,000 one month
10 tickets ¥26,000 Two month
15 tickets ¥33,000 one month
20 tickets ¥38,000 one month
Free tickets ¥50,000 one month

With a free pass you can take up to two classes each day and can add on an additional third class for 2000 yens.


Object | Yellow classes.
Type Price Expration date
5 tickets ¥12,000 one month
10 tickets ¥21,000 one month
10 tickets ¥23,000 Two month

With a B-pass you can add on a red class for 500 yens per class.


Toun-bldg.4F,1-13-10 Shibaura,
Tokyo 105-0023
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Reception time

Weekday 9:30 - 21:30
Weekend 9:30 - 19:30

7min walk from JR Tamachi-Station

Tamachi-station Shibaura-exit. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 5min. Enter Tokyo Port Bowl building at A-entrance. 4th floor.

7min walk from Subway(Toei-line) Mita-station

Mita-station A6-exit. After exiting, take right and then turn right at the first corner. Go pass the shrine and take the promenade that goes under the JR railway. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 2min. Tokyo Port Bowl will be on your left,from A-entrance. 4th floor.

From the entrance


Please use the elevator located next to the convenience store.
Get off the elevator on the 4 th floor and follow the red wall until you find the stairs.
Go down the stairs and you will see our counter.

Phone number