ARCHITANZ(アーキタンツ) | 東京都・田町(三田)のバレエを中心としたスタジオ

How much is the enrollment fee? How do I pay for the lesson fee?
No enrollment fee and annual membership fee is needed. Please pay the lesson fee in cash at the reception before start class. In addition, we have great deals tickets that is 5 to 20 times and free pass tickets etc. (Credit cards are only accepted for buying tickets. VISA / Master / American Express)

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Do you have trial lessons?
We don’t have trial class. Everything is open class.
Do I need reservation? How many minutes should I go before start class?
Class reservation is unnecessary. The reception will open 30 minutes before start class.
We also have a stretch area, so you can prepare your body.
Can I take ballet or contemporary class if I’m beginner??
Yes! We recommend you to take “Beginner ballet” class. And we also have “Body balance” and “Pilates” class.It’s specializing in body creation class that is the basis of ballet.
I don’t know which level should I attend…
Architanz has prepared many kind of classes and various levels. We can help you find classes that match your needs, please feel free to ask staff.

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What should I bring and wear class? Can I buy studio?
Please bring ballet shoes (dance shoes), comfortable clothes and towel. If you do not have ballet shoes, you can buy studio ARCHITANZ. Please feel free to ask staff.