About studio ARCHITANZ

Architect + Tanz(dance) = Architanz In 1996, architects got together for this volunteer work which took charge of set design of “Boy Story” by a choreographer YURI NG form Hong Kong. In 2001, team established Architanz which is an architectural design office and also a dance studio. The tiny dance studio was in office building in Hamamatsu-cho in the beginning. In 2007, Architanz moved to current location in Tamachi, architectural team redesigned warehouse to become dance studio. Now Architanz has three different sized dance studios and architectural design office. Architanz is aiming to be a place to exchange of dance lovers. We are offering high quality classes and good facility for training, with international well known dance teachers for 365days a year. We are offering classical ballet classes, contemporary dance classes, workshops and many other events. Also we’ve presented world well known pieces’ Japanese premiere include classical ballet, contemporary dance and collaborated works of Western culture and Japanese tradition. Architanz could make them happened by connection with guest teachers and artists we’ve worked with. Those pieces were performed by young dancers and artists who got through auditions. Mission of Architanz is contributing to lead Japanese dance scenes to be world leveled.





class price
white ¥3,000
yellow ¥2,500
green ¥1,000



address Toun-bldg. 4F, 1-13-10 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
telephone 03-5730-2732

7min walk from JR Tamachi-Station

Tamachi-station Shibaura-exit. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 5min. Enter Tokyo Port Bowl building at A-entrance. 4th floor.

7min walk from Subway(Toei-line) Mita-station

Mita-station A6-exit. After exiting, take right and then turn right at the first corner. Go pass the shrine and take the promenade that goes under the JR railway. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 2min. Tokyo Port Bowl will be on your left,from A-entrance. 4th floor.