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「道」特別講座透過不同的古典文化的體驗,如花道、能、芭蕾舞史、書法和雅樂等,重新審視 “道 “的精神。2023年「花道」及「書法」的特別講座千萬別錯過!


This program is to reexamine the spirit of “Michi” through casual experiences of various classical cultures, such as flower arrangement, Noh, ballet history, calligraphy, and gagaku.


The calligraphy and flower arrangement workshops will be held in 2023!



「書法」/「 Calligraphy」

隨著資訊的發達,我們手寫信件的機會越来越少,但當我們看到美麗的文字時,仍然可以感受到它迷人的魅力。書法是書寫文字的方法,一種書寫的藝術。在講座的前半部分,老師会講解書法的歷史和文字的分類,同時也會分享自己的經驗。 通過這堂講座,你會對書法藝術更加了解。 後半部分,老師將示範書法家的作品,透過演示講解握筆姿勢與基本觀念、字體結構、漢字筆畫的書寫方法。 課程最後,將讓學員實際練習書寫。


With the advancement of information technology, society has come to written very few letters by hand. There is a special feeling and charm to seeing and writing by a human hand. Calligraphy is a method of writing letter, and is an artform in itself. The instructor will explain the history of calligraphy and the classification of letters, and also share his own experiences. Through this lecture, you will gain a better understanding of the art of calligraphy. The instructor will also demonstrate the works of other calligraphers and explain through demonstrations the basic concepts of brush grip, character structure, and how to write Chinese form of brush strokes. At the end of the course, you will have a chance to practice calligraphy.



2023129日(日)16:00 ~ 18:00 @03教室


2023.1.29.(Sun.)16:00 ~ 18:00 @03studio



松尾光晴|Mitsuharu Matsuo



「花道」/「Ikebana」: Japanese Flower Arrangement